Ricky Muñoz, Intocable

“Many have tried to imitate them, but if we talk about gathering all the attributes into one accordion, only “Gabbanelli” has excellent sound, durability and designed to my taste; overall it’s excellent service. The treatment you receive from the personnel truly makes you feel like family. With “Gabbanelli” you get the whole package: quality, looks and a unique sound!!!”

Lupe Tijerina, Los Cadetes de Linares

“Tocando Gabbanelli desde 1964.”

Johnny Arreola, Los Palominos

“There’s nothing like a Gabbanelli, they are beautiful.  I will never go with another brand.  I am a Gabbanelli die-hard fan!”

Fidel Rueda, Regional Mexican Artist

“El acordeón no solo es mi instrumento de trabajo, va mas alla porque es parte de mi, compartimos sueños, generamos emociones ya sean alegrias como tristezas, es entonces que Gabbanelli cobra una vital importancia para el desarrollo de mi carrera profesional, ya que cuenta con un prestigio que hes respaldado por muchísimos años de experiencia, tengo el gusto que me hayan diseñado mi acordeón estoy profundamente agradecido de formar parte de un grupo selecto, pero lo importante es que todos podemos tener un gabbanelli si estas empezando un proyecto o si estas en la cuspide eso es parte de la grandeza de esta gran empresa.”

Michael Salgado, Regional Mexican Artist

“When you hear the name Gabbanelli, you think of a legacy. My first love is music and playing the accordion is my passion. I have been playing the accordion since I was a child, and I can vividly recall choosing to practice playing my accordion versus playing football with the neighborhood kids. It is an honor to play such a fine instrument, the Gabbaneilli accordion, in all my shows and performances. Thank you for bringing this amazing instrument from Italy and sharing it with us. Muchas gracias!”

Hermanos Herrera

“Gabbanelli has the richest and warmest sound of all the accordions out there. It provides the perfect blend with the instrumentation we use. It is by far the most dependable and of course our preferred brand of accordion. When you compare with other accordions there really is no comparison at all. Gabbanelli stands above and beyond the rest!”

Mark Halata, Mark Halata & Texavia

“Since I was young, I have always wanted to make the accordion appealing and I always wanted to play a beautiful accordion. At 23, I bought my first Gabbanelli because of it’s look and beauty, it’s a real eye-catcher.  If anyone wants to buy an accordion that’s both tough and beautiful, I recommend a Gabbanelli.”

Buknas de Culiacan


Juan F Batrez

I just wanted to congratulate you on your success.  No matter how hard the other brands try to impress us with their flashy designs, an accordion player with a Gabbanelli will always be taken seriously.  Gabbanelli has always been, and will continue to be a trend setter for the rest of the industry.  You have dominated in the world of Tejano and Norteño for the last 40 plus years.  Every accordion player in the U.S. and Mexico has dreamed of owning a Gabbanelli.  I have owned 4.  I am a middleschool reading teacher, and I have a Gabbanelli poster in my class.  My students also dream of being able to play and own a Gabbanelli one day.  You have a loyal customer until the day I die.

Debra Peters, Debra Peters and the Love Saints

“As soon as I played a Gabbanelli; I knew I wanted one.  Gabbanelli’s are very well built, they sound and feel great. I love Gabbanelli.”


“I would like to thank Mike & staff for the excellent service. I got my new 50th Anniversary Special Edition accordion recently and this accordion is very well designed, has great quality, sound, & beauty. 100% satisfied. Simply the BEST!!!”

Jennifer Degollado and Sergio Alococer, Grupo Control

“Gabbanelli is a work of art with a beautiful sound attached.  I would highly recommend Gabbanelli to anyone who is thinking of purchasing an accordion, there is no comparison.  I would also like to add, the service at Gabbanelli is top notch.  When we visited the store I felt like I was part of the Gabbanelli family,” says Jennifer.  Sergio dice “Siempre fue un sueño tener un Gabbanelli y tengo 15 años tocando Gabbanelli, es el mejor acordeón del mundo!”

Robert Vega, Promesa Mortal

“I’ve been playing the accordion for over 16 years. Out of all the accordion models out there nobody beats a Gabbanelli. Simply great, beautiful and strong accordions. Also to be the best you must play the best! That’s why myself and Promesa Mortal play Gabbanelli accordions and Gabbanelli bajo sexto! Gabbanelli Rocks!!!”

Noe Valdez, Religión Norteña

“Desde muy chico había soñado con tocar un Gabbanelli, ya que desde entonces miraba a mis familiares tocar tan apreciable y distinguido instrumento; desde ese momento mi pasión fue tocar el acordeón, es parte de mi. Sus cualidades, diseño, sonido y calidad hacen Gabbanelli un acordeón inigualable.”

Jaime Maldonado Vargas, Gabbanelli Player and Fan

“I’ve owned several other brands but nothing compares to the sound of the Gabbanelli’s accordions. I have four Gabbanelli’s and Gabbanelli continues to be my preference.”

Lupillo Garcia, Huracanes Del Norte

Los Huracanes Del Norte siempre utilizar un Gabbanelli durante sus actuaciones y grabaciones.

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Mario Rosas, Norteno and Tejano Artist

“To speak of Gabbanelli is an honor and it means speaking of quality. Gabbanelli has earned its fame, as I remember myself as a child dreaming of owning a Gabbanelli. To most accordion players, Gabbanelli has been a tradition and for generations has represented the best.

Other accordion brands have tried to imitate a Gabbanelli Accordion in order to confuse people…SAY NO TO IMITATIONS. Anyone, who knows about accordions, knows that Gabbanelli is the number 1 in accordions.”

Ricardo Cerda El Gavillan

Gabbanelli…lo mejor para los mejores..Ricardo Cerda El Gavillan

Enrique Rangel, Jr., Fantacia

“I only have a few words that can describe Gabbanelli accordions, El Jefe de Los Jefes.  These fine instruments have an iconic presence about them whether played or still.  I chose Gabbanelli as my first accordion because I knew it was the only choice. There is no match to its quality of craftsmanship and unique sound.  For me, Gabbanelli is family, tradition and a warm tone that resonates in one’s heart.”

Juan Manuel, Chuyito y Moy Bañales, Gabbanelli Players and Fans

“El Sr. Mike Gabbanelli aparte de heredar el gran prestigio que tiene el legado del fallecido John Gabbanelli QEPD, también heredo la amabilidad, la humildad y esa forma inigualable de tratar a las personas, no como simples clientes, sino como verdaderos amigos, sea por teléfono, e-mail o personalmente en la tienda, Mike es a toda madre! Y que quede bien claro…el mejor amigo del hombre no es el perro, es un acordeon Gabbanelli! Gabbanelli Acordeones del mundo, ayer, hoy y siempre.”

Benny Mendez, Los Terribles del Norte

“Gabbanelli is the best in accordions, I highly recommend them! I’ve played Gabbanelli since 1980.”

Kristoffer Garder, Brull Zydeco

“Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden. Now I´ve tried out the Cajun King and it’s really awesome! Gotta love the fast action and smooth mechanics. The sound is PERFECT for our Swedish style of Zydeco. Great accordion! I really will recommend others to go shopping at Gabbanelli Accordions and thanks again for all your help and services.”

Jose Guajardo, Los Dos de Nuevo León

“Siempre tocando lo mejor para los mejores…Siempre Gabbanelli!”